Hi, I’m Hanna Dawit

As an Ethiopian, born in the village of Welkite I grew up around all of the usual Ethiopian traditions.

My family had the neighbours around almost daily for the coffee ceremony, and we would dress in traditional clothing for many events throughout our calendar. Injera and the vast array of sauces was our primary cuisine.

I am extremely proud of my heritage and was made even prouder when I recently went to the Ethiopian Museum in Addis Ababa which made me realise how far my country has come. Since as long as I can remember, I have wanted to share my countries traditions with the wider audience, as I fear my country is viewed as a place of starvation and poverty, whereas the truth is, we are rich in culture and tradition with a positive attitude in all that we endeavour to do.

Traditional Coffee Ceremony

The most popular undertaking of Ethiopian Traditions. The coffee ceremony is considered to be the most important social occasion in many villages and it is a sign of respect and friendship to be invited to a coffee ceremony. I pride myself in bringing that Ethiopian Tradition to your home or venue.

My Ethiopian Coffee ceremony is a beautiful experience you can share with your friends as a private occasion or a public event. For a more intimate celebration or entertainment at home, I can deliver the full traditional Ethiopian coffee experience with full attire whilst I grind and hand roast the coffee beans to release the aromas into your home. Served with traditional popcorn, this truly is a unique and authentic experience. You can also combine my traditional coffee experience with my Ethiopian catering experience for a afternoon or evening’s entertainment your guests will love.

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Traditional Ethiopian Food

The food of Ethiopia is primarily a dish of varying sauces, some spicy and some not, some with meat and some without.
These are all served with a flour based flat bread called injera, made using a flour called “Teff” which is unique to the country, or sometimes rice/rye flour.

The traditional way to eat this food is to serve on a large plate with a group of friends and family all eating from the same plate and using their hands, no cutlery.

For an intimate and traditional home experience I can cook in your home and serve a selection of Ethiopian delights to wow your guests and stimulate their taste buds! Ethiopian Traditions is also available for public events, with full catering equipment and gazebo. You can also combine my traditional Ethiopian food experience with my traditional coffee experience for a afternoon or evening’s entertainment your guests will love.

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Traditional Ethiopian Clothing

In Ethiopia all traditional clothes are handmade using a loom and most of the time they are 100% cotton/Saba silk, named after the queen of Ethiopia (Sheba).

Ethiopian women traditionally wear white dresses but they do come in a vast array of bright colours. Very popular are scarfs and handbag matching sets, which can set off any outfit.
The women’s dresses are very often made with cross symbols on, as Ethiopia is christian country.

As a home or event experience, you and your friends can try on various types of traditional clothing. Should you like to own any, they are available on a custom order basis.

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